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Efficient, Effective and Affordable - Can you NOT afford to have double glazing?

Energy Efficiency

There is a greater awareness in the community, industry and in government of the need for improving the energy efficiency of our homes. In many parts of Australia five star energy ratings will soon become mandatory in all new homes and renovations.

Double glazing can be an integral part of achieving the highest energy rating.

Reduced Costs

Many new commercial buildings use double glazing to reduce the increasing costs of heating and cooling.

Most existing timber windows and doors can be easily converted to double glazing, giving similar improvements in energy efficiency as new double glazed windows but at a fraction of the cost.

We are also pleased to be able to offer our new Double Window System for existing aluminium windows, which is an effective way of reducing noise and making your home more comfortable in summer and winter.

  Best Quality Affordable Price

We specialise in the Double Glazing of existing timber windows & doors

We install the latest industry standard, factory sealed, Double Glazed units.

We are based in Canberra and service the local region

Double Glazing Conversions provide the highest level of service, first-class products and five-star workmanship at affordable prices.


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