Double Glazing Conversion

Our Service

We inspect your windows and give you advice on how you can improve the energy effiiciency of your windows with a Double Glazing Conversion. We provide a written quotation at the time of the inspection.

If you decide to accept the quotation we will arrange for a specific installation date for the fitting of the glazing units that are custom-made to suit your particular requirements.

The high level of workmanship and care by our experienced staff ensures minimal disruption to you and your family.

The quality of our work and the products are guaranteed.


Converting your timber windows provides superior noise reduction. The existing single glass panels are replaced, on site, with factory sealed Double Glazed Units (Insulating Glass Units)

Our skilled staff will convert your windows to Double Glazing by:

  • Removing and discarding the old single glass
  • Modifying the existing window and/or door frames
  • Installing the new Insulating Glass Units

Smaller jobs are usually completed in one day and bigger jobs rarely taking longer than a few days. Windows and doors are not left incomplete over night.


The existing aluminium window is measured and a new Double Window is manufactured to specifications.

The new Double Window is then installed behind the original window frame, which is retained, and within the internal reveals adjacent to the existing window.

Installations usually take less than half an hour per window and without the inconvenience that is usually associated with a window replacement such as delays, lengthy site works, architrave removal/replacement, painting etc.

Our Double Window System is a cost effective solution for existing windows. Compared with most other systems on the market this product provides superior noise insulation, particularly when using laminated glass.

The Double Window System is barely perceptible from the outside. Therefore it is the ideal solution for noise and thermal control in flats, units and other higher density dwellings where body corporates may have controls on the external appearance of buildings.


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